Parts List

Mudflaps & Accessories

Aerodynamic G-Force Mud Flaps

Domestic Poly Mud Flaps

Domestic Rubber Mud Flaps

Domestic Tireplast Mud Flaps

Domestic Armour Guard Chevron Mud Flaps

Anti-Sail Quick Mount Mud Flaps

Domestic Raintrapper Mud Flaps

Domestic Raised Molded Rubber Logo Mud Flaps

MidGuard Mud Flaps

Side Shields

Silk-Screen Logo Rubber Mud Flaps

Hot Stamp Poly Logo Mud Flaps

Stock Logo Mud Flaps

Domestic Rubber Wheel Chocks

Rubber Trailer Bumpers

Laminated Bumpers

Door Bumpers

Standard .640 Bar Type Mud Flap Hangers

Heavy Duty .750 Bar Type Mud Flap Hanger

Standard Mounting Brackets for .640 Hangers

Heavy Duty Mounting Brackets for .750 Hangers

Standard Anti-Sail Bracket

Standard Anti-Sail Bracket- One Piece Design

Mud Flap Mounting Angle & Retaining Strap

Mud Flap Bolt Kit

Mud Flap Hanger Bulk Displays

Conspicuity Strips

Conspicuity Tape

Plastic Reflective End Cap

Straight Tube Style Spring Loaded Economy Mud Flap Bracket

Angled Down Tube Style Spring Loaded Economy Mud FlapBracket

Straight Arm Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Mud Flap Bracket

Angled Down Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Mud Flap Bracket

Tapered Arm HD Spring Loaded Mud Flap Bracket

High Visibility Light Bars With 4” Round Lights

Braceless Standard Quarter Fender

Full Brace Standard Quarter Fender

Half Brace Standard Quarter Fender

Low Mount Standard Quarter Fender

Braceless Poly Quarter Fender

Quarter Fender Top Flaps

Quarter Fender Top Flap Hardware

Quarter Fender Mount Tube

Quarter Fender Mount Tube End Caps

Quarter Fender Clamps

Post Mount Socket

Post Mount Socket With Flange

Cross-Mount Tube Kit

Cross-Mount Tube Hardware




Trailer Products & Accessories

Document Holders

Louvered Vent

Manifest Box

Placard Holders

5"x7" Aluminum Placard Holder

Door Holdbacks

Chain Loops & Snaps

Door Sockets/Plunger

Door Hardware

Wabash Style Holdback Oblong Loop and Chain Kit

Corner Irons

Corner Cap Freuhauf Style

Horizontal Bumper Tube With Anti-Skid & Conspicuity Tape Recess 4˝ Steel Safety Bumper Tube

Registration Holder

Water Proof Vinyl Pouch

Grab Handles

Steel Grab Handle

Aluminum Grab Handle

Door Hinges

Wabash Style Door Hinge

Strick Style Door Hinge


Electrical Products & Accessories

ABS Coil Assemblies 1/8, 2/10, 4/12 Guage

ABS Straight Assemblies 1/8, 2/10, 4/12 Gauge

Non ABS Seven-Way Straight Cable Assemblies

Non ABS Seven-Way Straight Assemblies

Six-Way Coiled Cable Assembly

Single Pole Coiled Assembly

Two Pole Coiled Assembly

Electrical Plugs

Electrical Sockets

Electrical Connectors and Junction Boxes

Electrical Junction Box

Adapters and Protector Boots

Rubber Cushion Clamp

Wire Clip

Rubber Grommet

Electrical Connectors Zinc Die-Cast Deep Nosebox

Zinc Die-Cast 7-Way Socketbreakers

Circuit Breakers and Switches

Ground Kits

Brush Kit

Copper Lugs

Poly Split Looms

Rubber Tractor Lamps

License Plate Lights

Mini Lamps


Suspension & Air Springs

Air Springs

Shock Absorbers


Wheel End Products & Accessories

380 Aluminum Alloy Hub Caps

Propar Style Hub Caps

Hub Cap Window Kits

Hub Cap Rubber Plugs

Hub Cap Gaskets

Hub Cap Tempbolts

Hub Cap Inner/Outer Nuts

Two Piece Metric Nut

PSI Hub Caps

Tire Inflation Hose

Inner Tube

Aluminum Tire Knocker

Tire Repair Tool Kit

Tire Inflator Kit

Blow Gun

Tire Chucks and Tire Gauges

Valve Stems for Steel Wheels

Valve Stems for Aluminum Wheels

Valve Caps (Standard Bore)

Valve Core

Standard Bore 4-way valve Tool

Freeze Plugs


Air Brake Products & Accessories

Brake Chambers

Value Brake Chamber


Service Chambers

Brake Chamber Parts and Accessories

Air Brake Diaphragms

Steel Brake Chamber Clamps

Clevis Assemblies

Standard Air Coils

Heavy Duty Air Coils

Xtreme Cold Weather Air Coils

Air-Electric 3 to 1 Combo

Rubber Air Brake Hose (Bulk)

Rubber Air Brake Hose Assemblies

D.O.T. Reusable Hose Fittings

D.O.T. Reusable Hose Fittings Brass

Air Brake Nylon Tubing (OEM USE)

D.O.T. Nylon Air Hose Tube Fittings

Swivel Hose End Quick Fix Repair Kit

Heavy Duty Drain Valve

Nylon Tube Cutter

Clamping Stud

Crimping Hose Ends

Slider Bars & Tracker Bar Replacement Parts

Hose Separators

Hose Holders

Beam Clip

Zinc Dichromate Pogo Sticks



Air Brake Products & Accessories cont'd

Gen 2 Wifi ABS

Chrome Pogo Sticks

Stainless Steel (Type 304SS) Pogo Sticks

Black Pogo Sticks

ABS Sensor Service Kit

Meritor Style ABS Sensors

Bendix Style ABS Sensors

ABS Sensor Clip

Manual Straight Arm Slack Adjusters Without Clevis

Manual Slack Adjusters

Automatic Slack Adjusters

Automatic Brake Adjusters

Crewson Style Standard Automatic Slack Adjusters

Crewson Style Auto-Check Slack Adjusters

Air Regulator Valves

Automatic Reservoir Drain Valves

Brake Valves

CAB Control Valves

Check Valves & Control Valves

Filter Assemblies

Full Function Valves


Hand Control Valves

Height Control Valves

Leveling Valves

Low Pressure Indicators

Multifunction Valves

Pilot Valves

Pressure Protection Valves

Push/Pull Valves

Quick Release Valves

Relay Valves

Safety Valves Assemblies

Solenoid Valves

Spring Brake Valves

Stop Light Switches

Transmission Slave Valves

Air Dryers

Aluminum Gladhands

Aluminum Swivel Gladhands

Iron Swivel Gladhands

Shut-off Gladhands

37˚ Bracket Mount Gladhands

Xtreme Gladhands

Cast Iron Gladhands “V” Series

Cast Iron Gladhands “Quick-E” Style Replacement

Poly & Rubber Seals

Polyurethane Seals

Gladhand Locks

Dummy Shutoff Gladhands

Dummy Coupling Mounts

In-Line Quick Release Valve

Gladhand Pacifier

Rubber Gladhand Grips

Anodized Gladhand Grips

Plastic Grip Gladhandles

Brake Shoe Hardware Kit





Globetech mud flaps replaces Koneta Rubber mud flaps

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